Hotel Bridge Nomination
Oct 17, 2014 to Apr 27, 2015
Pennington Geis Photography > Hotel Bridge Nomination
These photos are a part of the Leeds Civic Association nomination of the Hotel Bridge for the National Historic Registry. Many thanks to the many people who supported and helped with the application: Mayor Narkewicz, Ned Huntley, Andy Kuether, Jim Montgomery, Jason Johnson, Sue Carbin, Heidi Stevens, Megan Freedman, Megan McNally, the Mill River Greenway Initiative, the Northampton Public Works Commission, and the Northampton Historical Commission.

On April 28 (discs, as the National Register requested), and again on May 21 (paper, since Mass is still paper-only), we submitted our nomination to the Massachusetts Historical Commission, who must review and approve it before sending it on to the National Register. They say this typically take 18 months to 2 years.